Aesthetically Sophia 

Beauty is my Business




Lip                                                    $ 8.00

Brow Sculpting                                  $25.00

Brow Refresh                                    $15.00

Chin                                                 $10.00-$20.00

dependent on amount of hair and length

Full face                                           $40.00

Under Arm                                        $25.00

Lower Arm                                        $20.00

Full Arm                                           $40.00

Shoulders                                         $25.00

Chest                                               $45.00

Back                                                $50.00

Lower Leg                                         $25.00

Full Leg                                            $60.00

Bikini Line                                        $30.00

Brazilian                                           $65.00

Full Body                                          $170.00




Facials include a skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, and mask. Aromatherapy can be added for $7.00

Mini Facial                                           $65.00

Time is limited and you need to brighten up your face. This has what you want in the right amount of time. 30 minute facial

Rejuvenating Facial                        $55.00

You want some relaxation and rejuvenate your self. A relaxing facial that helps to target skin concerns. 60 minute facial

Deluxe Facial                                   $75.00

This facial is great for pampering while targeting skin concerns. This facial includes an exfoliation, facial massage, hand massage, and a hot towel wrap for feet.

Doctors Order Facial                       $175.00

What you’re looking for here is result,s with the medical spa line Theraderm that is exactly what you will get. 60 minutes

Chemical Peel                                 $80.00

These chemical peels are made to smooth out wrinkles, reduce dark spots, and lift the face.

Skin for Life, Thermaderm, and Skinscript are the skin care lines carried.

Body Contour Wrap


M'lis Body Contouring wrap helps you lose inches, also while hydrating and detoxifying the body. This treatment has the best results with a minimum of 6 wraps maximum results.

Single wrap                                         $  90.00

Package of 3                                       $180.00

Package of 4                                       $260.00

Package of 6                                       $380.00

Package of 8                                       $500.00

Package of 12                                     $680.00

Cellulite Treatment- This treatment helps to decrease the amount  of cellulite on the body in targeted areas.

Arm                                                      $30.00

Legs                                                     $60.00

Abdomen                                              $35.00

Full Body                                               $80.00

Packages available



Classic Lash Extensions

This service is done by applying a single lash extension to a single natural lash to create fuller, longer, natural looking lashes

Full Set                                               $250.00

2 Week Fill                                          $  55.00

3 Week Fill                                          $  70.00

Hybrid Lash Extensions

This service is done with the same method as classic lash extensions. However, with hybrid lashes is it a mixture between classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions. Volume lash extensions is the method of applying 2-6 lash extensions to one natural lash.

Bottom Lash Extensions

The application of a single lash extension attached to the bottom lash line.

First Set                                             $45.00

Fill                                                      $20.00



Brow Tint                                            $15.00

Lash Tint                                             $15.00

Lash and Brow                                   $25.00